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Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Assignment Help

Machine learning and neural networks are trending. Many students are showing interest in trying their hands in machine learning world and reap lucrative opportunities to work with big wigs for a decent pay. The educational institutions have introduced new courses for machine learning and artificial intelligence seeing the demand for it outside. The neural network would filter the data and let you use the accurate ones. The conventional neural networks give you valuable insights that are underlying in the visual content. The students who are pursuing the machine learning course would find it difficult to write the assignment related to convolutional neural networks. However, you can seek the help of our Machine Learning experts to get the assignment done flawlessly. We offer the best in class CNN assignment help and project help.


What is a Convolutional Neural Network?

Similar to the brain how it identifies the object when it sees the picture, the same way computer would also recognize the objects. There is a vast difference between how human brain would see when it takes a look at the image that is showcased on the system. For the system, the image is just an array of numbers. The object has its own pattern with which the computer would be able to display the exact object that you are looking for with the search terms. It is pretty simple to explain the convolution neural network. It is the same as how parents would train their kids to make them learn every object in the world, be it a ball, food, or other things. The computer would also receive the same kind of training where millions of objects are shown to it so that it can recognize the objects with just a sample. There are many technological giants who are using CNN functionalities for classifying digital images. 


Structure of CNN

The structure of CNN is different to that of the neural network used regularly. The regular neural network would have neurons and each layer has neurons that are connected to another layer. The convolutional neural network would work similar to that of the three dimensional layer. This has the width, height and depth. The neurons in a specific layer would not get connected to all the neurons in the previous layer instead it is connected to specific set of neurons in the preceding layer.

  • Math layer - The top layer is known as the mathematical layer. This is the convolutional layer that would learn the number pattern that it views. The first position would use the filter in the top left corner of the image. This filter is known as neuron or kernel. It would understand the image and memorizes the array of numbers, multiplies the array and would give the single number in the whole process. 
  • Rectified linear unit layer - The next layer that comes after the math layer is the rectifier linear unit layer. The activation function would happen at this place. Initially the activation function is set to zero and it will function for 0 and 1s and does not have any kind of intermediary gradients such as predecessors. This layer is non-saturating and is linear because of which it will reduce the gradient of error. Due to the flimsy nature of the layer, 40% of the time the network would be in the dead state.
  • Fully connected layer - There is one layer that would surround all the interior complications. This is known as the completion layer in the convolutional neural network. There is the final output that is extracted and would be fed to the N-dimensional vector output. The N would be the total number of classes that are chosen by the program. For instance, if you take a close watch at the horses that are in four different colors, the high-level feature, i.e., 4-legs would be first considered followed by hooves, tail, and muzzle. The high-level feature is looked upon to connect the image and gives you the output as a horse.

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Various Applications of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

The applications of the convolutional neural networks would enhance the lives of people. Various such applications that you use in the day-to-day lives include image classification, facial recognition software, speech recognition software, and so on.

  • Decode the facial recognition - Facial recognition would break the convolutional neural network into various components. These are used to identify the face in the picture, focus on every facial factor such as light, angle, and pose and so on. You can compare the data that is gathered with the data that is already available in the database to match the face with the name.
  • Analyze the documents - The convolutional neural networks are used to analyze the documents. You can use this for handwriting analysis. The machine would be used to scan the writing and compare the write-up with the database which would execute millions of commands at one go. When the CNN would be used along with the new models, the error rate would go down.
  • Historic and environmental collection - The CNN would be used for complicated purposes, especially the natural history collections. The collection would be playing a critical role in documenting key parts of history such as habitat loss, evolution, and biodiversity, and so on.
  • Learn about the climate - CNNs play a vital role to fight the change in the climatic conditions, especially to learn about the drastic changes in the climate and what can be done to curb the effect. The data that is available with you would give valuable insights and require researchers who can skim through the repositories. There is no requirement for you to hire the manpower to do the experiments in this field. 
  • Advertising - CNN's bring a lot of difference to the world of advertising by using programmatic and data-driven advertising. 
  • Grey areas - The grey areas that are used in CNN would give a clear and realistic picture of the whole world. The CNN would act like a machine where you can learn about the true or false value of the question. The real world would show a thousand colors of grey. When you let the machine learn about the fuzzier logic and understand the grey area in which humans are living. The CNN gives a holistic view of what humans view. 


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