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What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is a process that enables you to clean, transform and model data to find out useful insights which are required for taking business decisions. The best example for data analysis is to analyse past experiences and then based on that you can take the decision that is good for the company's future. The procedure followed to analyse the data will help you reduce the risks associated with gaining insights. Data analysis is important for a company to target the right set of customers instead of wasting the amount and time on campaigns that do not target the demographic groups. Doing the data analysis will help you know where you have to put the advertising efforts.
The analysis helps you to know the target customers better and track the performance of the products and campaigns. With data analysis, you can get a better understanding of the spending habits of customers and their areas of interest.

Data analysis process

The data analysis process is followed to gather information using the right app or tool to explore huge chunks of data and find out the data patterns. Based on the information you get, you can make the decisions.
Data analysis will have the following process:

Gathering the data requirements
The first thing you have to do is to analyse the data. You have to know the type of data analysis you must perform and the type of data you would like to use.

Data collection
After taking the requirements, it is now time for you to collect the information from different sources. The sources can be surveys, questionnaires, interviews, direct observations, case studies and focus groups. You have to organize the information that you have collected for doing the analysis.

Data cleaning
Not all the information that you have gathered would be helpful for you. In this process of cleaning, you have to remove the duplicate records, basic errors and white spaces. You must clean the data thoroughly before you send it for further analysis.

Data analysis
There are different data analysis software and tools available to interpret and understand the data and jump to a conclusion. Different types of data analysis tools that are available to analyse the data include – Excel, Python, Rapid Miner, Metabase, R looker, and so on.

Data interpretation
You have got the analysis results, therefore you can use them to interpret the data and come up with the actions you would like to take based on the information gathered.

Data visualization
It is the best way to present the data graphically so that you can easily read and understand it. You can draw charts, graphs, maps and bullet points. Visualization will also give you valuable insights to compare with different data sets and establish relationships.

Different types of data analysis

There are different types of data analysis you can perform:

Text analysis
It is also known as data mining. It is a method that is used to find out the data patterns from huge data sets with the help of data mining tools. You can also transform raw data into useful information. Business intelligence tools will be helpful for taking business decisions.

Statistical analysis
You can analyse past data. In this analysis process, you can collect, analyse, interpret, present and model the data. The analysis will happen with different data sets and for different data samples.

Descriptive analysis
It will analyse the complete information or take a sample and analyse the numerical data. It gives mean and deviation for the data that is continuous and percentage and frequency for the categorical data.

Inferential analysis
You can perform this type of analysis and find out the conclusion by analysing different data samples.

Diagnostic analysis
In this type of analysis, you can understand the behavioural pattern of data. If there is any problem that you have encountered in your business, you can analyse the information and find out the patterns that are similar to the problem you have now.

Predictive analysis
You can predict what is going to happen based on the previous data.

Prescriptive analysis
It combines all the insights gained from the previous analysis and finds out the action you can take to solve the current problem.
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