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Statistics is all about data analytics. You can use any statistical tool that you want – Excel, SPSS, SAS, R Programming, Python, STATA etc, every tool that you use helps you to find a meaning out of data which is then used to draw inference and take decisions. No matter what your field is, data analysis will be very important for your professional growth. Data analysis is there in engineering, medical, programming, management, science or R&D. No business decision can be taken without data analysis and that’s what makes this one of the most crucial topics to study as a student. Many students ask for data analysis assignment help as it is challenging for students to handle huge data files. Sometimes, data files of more than 100GB needs to be cleaned, rearranged and then analysed which is a very time consuming work. Hence, many students hire expert to help with data analysis homework. 

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What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a method to extract raw data using statistical tools and logic. Along with data extraction, it also involves data cleaning, rearranging and analysis. 

The data analysis process can be broken down into following parts

  1. Data requirements – As per the study to be carried out, the input data requirements are decided.
  2. Data collection – Through primary or secondary research, data is gathered and added in a data file.
  3. Data processing – The data is processed for analysis and modelling
  4. Data cleaning – The processed data might have duplicates or errors. The data is cleaned to remove the errors that may occur while modelling
  5. Exploratory data analysis – This stage helps the data analysed to make some meaning out of the data
  6. Data Modelling/ Algorithms – various data modelling techniques are used  including physical models, conceptual models and mathematical models
  7. Data product – Data product is what takes the data input and gives output to the user
  8. Report – After data analysis is complete, a report is generated which may include charts, graphs and figures to help the user draw inference from the data analysis.

The main object is to use a statistical tool to draw inference out of the data and this take decisions driven by the gathered data. Data analytics can be used in different applications including but not limited to – 

  • In Management, business decisions like new product launch or new market entry are taken based on the data analysis of the particular industry
  • In engineering the engineer can find out anomalies in machine behaviour based on historic data of machine performance
  • In medical, the patient’s health and drug prescription is driven by the data gathered on the historic health condition
  • In Nursing, it is very important for a nurse to feed the live patient’s data into the system frequently to monitor patient’s health.
  • In R&D, data is recorded for every experiment to understand the impact of changes done by changing the variables of the results (outcome).
  • Finance and accounting profession is all about data analysis. Understand the annual report, analyse the data, find out relevant ratios and thus find out more about the health of the business
  • Economics deal with data analysis on a macro and micro level. To understand the country’s performance, data is gathered and analysed and converted to numbers like GDP, employment rate, labour productivity, debt/ national income etc.  The economic performance indicators are calculated based on the data analysis for the data gathered over years

The list can go on and on for applications of data analytics in our daily life. For a student to achieve better grades in data analytics subject, they have to come up with accurate solution. If the data is huge, the students find it cumbersome to process, clean and analyse the data resulting in poor grades. If you are facing such challenges then ask our experts for data analysis assignment help.

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Data Analytics Techniques Used In Completing Statistics Assignment Solution

Listed below are 3 prominent data analysis techniques:

Descriptive Analytics: This is the technique that is used to extract human understandable information from the raw data that is collected from the past and present. The descriptive analytics will help you to predict the future results by analyzing the past information. Two different types of data analytics techniques that are used to analyze the data include data aggregation and data mining. This descriptive data would be using different business phases to understand the company activities. The other key examples of data analytics include market, inventory, customers; sales report in the business to would offer you with historical records. 
Predictive Analytics: The main thing to carry out predictive analytics is probability. This analytics would also happen in the future. As no one can exactly find out the future output, therefore predictive analytics would be used to study about the data. Many companies would look for the probability of an event to occur and therefore would take the decision accordingly. There is a statistical modeling technique that is used to carry out this intricate process of predictive analytics. These analytics are used to find historical and transitional patterns to find out the risks and find the relationship between different factors for taking decisions. 
Prescriptive Analytics: This will showcase all the results that would occur in the future. This kind of analytics would be carried out to make the right decisions, provide possible outcome and give the reason for the outcome and suggest the right actions that would highly benefit the companies. This method will make use of algorithms, business rules, machine learning and other modeling procedure take the right action. The data that is fed to the application used for prescriptive analytics would be either the past data, real-time data or the data on the most popular and buzzing topic. Though, these techniques will help you the businesses to progress, but with complicated management and administration, only the top companies are using this tool.

Why Is Data Analytics Important?

Learning data analytics is important for every student because it will help them to perform the below activities which are crucial for personal and profesisonal success.

  • Break huge chucks of information into smaller chucks.
  • Get meaningful information from the offered information
  • Help you to take right business decisions
  • Keep the biased information at bay by validating the information thoroughly. 


Data Analytics Software Used In Solving Statistics Assignment

The following are the tools used to carry out data analytics. There include: SAS: This is the most popular and widely used tool to perform data analytics in the market. This is the largest BI vendor available in the market. In addition to managing the data, this is also used to carry out statistical analysis.  Statistica: This is the software package that comprises of various data analytics techniques. This is a package that is used for data management, data mining, data visualization, etc.

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  • Data Analysis using Excel
  • Data Analysis using SPSS
  • Data Analysis using SAS
  • Data Analysis using STATA
  • Data Analysis using MATLAB

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Data Analytics Assignment Help Topics

Descriptive Analytics Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics DataAnalysisTools-SAS,MATLAB,Minitab,SPSS
Advanced Business Analytics Segmentation and Clustering
Big Data Analytics Experimental design
Analysis of variance Regression Analysis
Correlation Data requirements
Data Collection Data Processing
Data Cleaning Exploring data analysis
Algorithm and modeling Data Mining
Discretization Cluster detection techniques
Causal Inference Complex Correlation
Useful Patterns Graph Summarization
Significant Results Data Analysis


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