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Do you have a problem in completing the Excel assignment? Without panicking, you can seek the help of our MS Excel experts who have years of experience in giving theoretical and practical assistance to students at different academic levels. Our Excel Assignment Help team will work on the assignment and deliver an instant quality solution that will help you achieve A+ grades. We ensure that the assignment is composed based on the given specifications by the students and is compliant with the university/college guidelines thoroughly.. No matter whether the task is simple or complicated, our experts will finish the work without crossing the deadline.

Excel is a part of Microsoft suite that is used by businesses, academics, research, accounting and other fields. This has a collection of statistical functions and tools that are used to carry out data analysis. We offer the help in solving statistical problems. In addition to giving detailed analysis, clear cut explanation and showing the output, we also give instructions to use the right commands/formulas for performing data analysis. Our online Excel Assignment Help experts who have strong knowledge on Statistics, SAS, Gretl, etc.


What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that is developed by Microsoft and is compatible to work with Windows Operating system. The key features that are offered by Excel are numerical or arithmetic calculations, tools to represent the data graphically and a macro programming language, which is known as Visual Basic for applications. Various features offered by Excel will be used in different fields like Engineering, Finance, Statistics and Mathematics. This spreadsheet application comprises of many spreadsheets that one can add per their requirements. Every sheet has cells with rows and columns and each cell will be having a different address with respective of the row and column. You can perform various arithmetic operations sum, subtraction, division, etc in the Excel sheet.  You can also find logical operators like AND, FALSE, IF, NOT, OR and IN ERROR to carry out operations. Also, you can find complicated formulas in the excel sheet to find answers. There are financial functions like FV, IRR, NPV, ACCRINT, etc that one can use in stock market, chartered accounts and other fields.

Excel is the most useful application to showcase the data in the form of tables and graphs. The key features that are offered in Excel include – Pivot Table, Pictures, Shapes, Chip art, Charts, etc.

The Pivot table is a critical part of Excel to show the performance of sales data in a graphical format.  This application will facilitate calculations, draw pivot table and graphs with ease. This is used to manage data, office tasks and optimization issues. The basics of Microsoft Excel are used to carry out office works; therefore it is important to introduce this application to students to learn the basics to advanced topics in it. This application will allow users to store the data, organize and calculate huge amount of data. In addition, it is also used to analyze the data. Our Excel Assignment experts will make sure to complete precise data analysis in excel. With our unique step-by-step approach we assure you the best in class Excel Coursework help.


9 Key Areas To Consider In Excel Assignments

Excel as a tool has multiple features and applications. Students need the quality Excel assignment help to understand and master all such applications.

  1. Excel Data Input: Inputting data in excel is the basic task when doing the assignment on excel. There are a myriad of ways to enter the data in an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts: It is important for students to learn the shortcuts to perform the actions in Excel briskly. Excel shortcuts will save time and let you to perform tasks efficiently.
  3. Call Reference: Students who are working on Excel assignments should have a good understanding of absolute and relative call references while copying formulas between excel cells and links.
  4. Excel date and time: Excel will store the date and time in the number format. Students should master this concept as it will help them to carry out the work more effectively when dealing with date and time.
  5. Converting Excel data types: You can get rid of many problems in Excel when you are converting from one data type to another data type prior to using other data types in Excel.
  6. Excel View options: You can change the view of the spreadsheet by zooming in and out. This will display the various formulas to let students carry out their homework.
  7. Excel formatting: Excel formatting has more beyond improving the look and feel of the spreadsheet. To make the spreadsheet look neat, you need to format the spreadsheet professionally. You can change the way you are interpreting the data in the Excel. When you are formatting incorrectly, the data can be read incorrectly by the users.
  8. Excel hyperlinks:   Students writing Excel assignments should use the hyperlinks to convert a simple spreadsheet into the one that would have the ability to maintain a complete record of the database.
  9. Pivot tables: This is an important feature that will let you to analyze treasure troves of data. The students who are stuck working on Pivot table can approach us for help. Our experts use their years of experience working with Excel to compose your assignment flawlessly. 


4 Key Reasons Why Students Should Learn Microsoft Excel

Excel is an application that reduces the time spent in doing data analysis and calculations. Students have to enter formula or a function to solve the problem.

  1. An analytical tool: You can use excel to analyze huge amounts of data and find patters that help you to make right decisions. This application has different tools like filtering, sorting, pivoting and searching to arrange the data in a structured way.
  2. Support graphs and charts:  The user can summarize, organize and structure the data in graphical or chart formats. Our talented and adept excel experts will import the graphs and charts drawn in Excel into PowerPoint to create an appealing presentation.
  3. Used as a statistical tool: Used to perform critical statistical concepts. Our experts will solve the problems related to linear programming, descriptive statistics, Z tests, regression, etc. Students who are stuck working on Excel assignment can seek the help of our experts.
  4. Has a wide range of functions: You can find the various functions like VLOOKUP, INDIRECT, OFFSET and HLOOKUP in Excel. Our Excel homework Help experts have ample experience in working on these functions. If you need any help in drafting the assignment on these functions, you can seek their help immediately.


Best in Class Excel Assignment Help Online

We, at The Statistics Assignment Help have a team of experienced and qualified professionals to offer you the best help in writing Excel assignments. Our Excel homework Help experts offer the instant and rational solutions to students. The assignments composed by our experts are of top-notch quality and are free from plagiarism. With immense experience backed with academic exposure will make our professionals to prepare assignments on Excel as per the standards expected by the professors. Our experts are highly qualified and experienced in various concepts in Excel. Many students from the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia and other places have availed Excel project Help from our experts to get their Excel projects and assignments done with accuracy. All experts working in-house hold a Masters Degree from reputed universities. They are quick in doing the assignments that help you to understand the area of Excel with ease. You can also take the help of our experts to eliminate errors in your data. You are assured with A+ grade in the excel tasks.

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