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Be it a school or university, students need to complete weekly homework to secure excellent grades in the semester. Statistics is a subject which has to be learnt in school, engineering, management, commerce and in almost every other field due to its applications in every industry. Data analysis has become the most important for decision making in every organization. Hence student across academic levels and courses have to learn statistics – basic concepts like regression, ANOVA, Monte Carlo simulation, data analysis, data mining etc. Studnets get statistics homework across these concepts which are needed to be solved using some popular statitics software like ExcelSPSS, R Programming, STATA, Minitab etc. Student find it challenging to solve problems and hence seek Statistics Homework Help from us. The Statistics Assignment Help website is a leader in providing help with all concepts and softwares related to statistics. Every statistics coursework can be dolved by our PhD experts.

If you are one of the students who is looking for professional help, then you can end your search here. We have a team of qualified Statistics homework help experts who hold Masters and PhDs in statistics from Ivyy League colleges. They can not only do accurate statistical analysis but can also write reports or thesis based on the analysis.Our Statistics Homework Help service is the most sought after by students in USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Canada and various other South Asian and European countries. Before we discuss more about the services we offer, let us first understand more about statistics.

What Is Statistics?

Statistics involves gather data, cleaning and organizing the gathered data and finally analyzing the data using various tools. The input is provided to the staitistical software for the analysis, the conditions are set and finally we receive the output based on which inference is drawn.This process id used by various organizations in making decsiions related to sales, marketing, operations and advertising. Statistics is used in almost every industry including banking, power generation, automobile, food, oil, aerospace etc. It is also used in almost every department of a company including sales, marketing, supply chain, demand planning, supply planning, finance,, admin work and so on. It helps the company reduce costs, increase revenue and profits, analyse the market and the competition and grow/ expand the business. Thus statistics is an important subject to learn if a student plans to join a corporate career or start his own company in future. To learn and understand statistics, it is important for the students to do his statistics homework daily and if they cannot complete it then they should opt for Statistics Homework Help.

Key Steps In Statistical Analysis

Data Collection - The first and important step for any statistical analysis is to gather data. Data can be gathered by designing the questionnaire and taking interviews. This process of data gathering is helpful in sales, marketing or new product development. Data can also be downaload from government or other reliable websites. There are few websites that offer free/ paid data related to macroeconomic situations like country population, gender ratio, total number of cars on road etc. Based on the project that you are doing, the data can be downloaded from these websites.

Organize and Clean the data - This process involves cleaning the data to make sure we have the exact that that we need for the analysis. You can also make your own data sheet by collecting information from multiple sources and then finally collating it into 1 sheet which will be used for analysis. Many excel functions like vlookup, hlookup, pivot, filter etc is used to delete the unwanted data and use only the data that we need for the analysis. To get the desired output, cleaning and organizing the data is very important.

Statistical Analysis – The statistical analysis is performed to put the information in a tabulated form with the help of various theoretical models. Examples of these models include regression analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Markov Processes, Linear Programming, anova, Statistical Inference etc. Students need to thoroughly understand these models to solve statistics homework. There are various statistical tools that are used to perform analysis. Some of the most popular tools include excel, SAS, Minitab, SPSS, STATA, R Programming

Inference – Once the putput is generated by statistical software, we have to analyse the output and draw inference based on that. Many researchers prepare reports and presentations on what the output means and what steps need to be taken based on the results achieved as per the statistical analysis.

This same process is followed in solving statistics assignments, homework and projects. Students who are not thorough with even a single step in the process seek statistics homework help.

Data Classification in Statistics

Statistics is based on the functions that are carried out on the data and it is important for students to have knowledge on the following data types

Raw Data: Raw data can be defined as a data that is not processed, cleaned or used so far. You can also call it as unprocessed data.

Numerical Data: Measurable data is known as numerical data. Example: Time, height, weight, distance, such data can be measured easily and is known as Numerical data. You can sort the data in ascending or descending order easily by using the sort function in excel.

CategoricalData: The data that is represented by group and not by number is known as categorical data. Examples can be sex, age group, race etc.

Statistics Homework Help

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