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What is PowerBI?

PowerBI is a business intelligence tool that is developed by Microsoft. It is power-packed with a suite of business intelligence as well as data visualization tools. The best thing is that it takes the raw data and converts that into useful insights using the tools and tables available in the tool. It helps to solve different types of data management problems. You can visualize the data and understand it with ease. It takes the data from different sources and converts it into visually appealing graphics on the dashboard and gives you the BI reports. The charts and graphs are easier for people to process the information. This also allows the stakeholders to learn what is happening in the business clearly. It connects to different data sources ranging from excel sheets to databases and to the cloud and on-premise apps to gather data.
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Why use PowerBI?

Access huge data from different sources
PowerBI can be used to connect to different sources to collect raw data. You can view, thoroughly analyse and visualize the data that is tough to open in Excel. Various sources through which the data is gathered and supported by this tool include JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, PDF and so on. It also uses the compression algorithm to import the data and save that as a cache in the.PBIX file.

Interactive UI and UX
Power BI is visually appealing and the drag-and-drop functionality will allow you to copy the formatting options that you have applied in other places in your current visualization too.

Easy integration to Excel
Power BI will gather, analyse, publish and share the data. It is easier for users who have knowledge of Office 365 to connect to data models, excel queries, and reports to this tool.

Easy to prepare data with Azure
When Power BI is used with Azure you can share a huge volume of data. Azure data lake will cut down the time it takes to gather insights and increase the collaboration that happens between data engineers, data analysts and data scientists.

Convert insights into actions
PowerBI tool allows you to gain insights, which you can convert into actions to make decisions that are good for the company.

Get stream analytics in the real-time
PowerBI allows you to perform stream analytics. You can get data from different sensors and media sources to access real-time analytics that helps you to make business decisions.

Different power BI versions

The following are the three PowerBI versions that are available:

Power BI Desktop
The desktop version is the most complicated one that lets you gather data from different sources and process the information. Using this you can create dynamic reports that are easier to analyse. It also creates .pbix files that will have data models and reports. It is the best choice for people who work with raw information and prepare reports.

Power BI service
The cloud version of Power BI enables you to pre-process the data and create reports. It is not considered to be as complicated as the Power BI desktop. Using this, you can interact with others to share reports with people. It can be installed on the systems. It is a piece of cake for you to transfer reports from the desktop to the cloud version.

Power BI mobile
The version is compatible to open with tablets and smartphones. It allows you to analyse the reports anytime.
Various components of PowerBI

Power Query
It promotes data transformation and allows you to discover, connect, combine and refine the data that allows you to do the analysis.

Power Pivot
It is a data modelling technique that allows you to create data models, find out relationships and do the calculations with ease. It will make use of data analysis expression language to simplify complicated data.

Power View
It is a technology that is available in PowerBI, SQL Server, SharePoint and Excel. With this, you can create highly interactive graphs, charts, maps and visuals to bring life to the data. You can also connect to different data sources and filter data for each visualization element.

Power Map
It is a 3D data visualization tool that enables you to map data and plot millions of rows of data visually in a 3D format from the excel table. Power maps work with Bing maps to visualise the address.
Some of the popular topics in Power bi Programming on which our programming assignment experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

Parallel Coordinates chart Candle set chart
Density Plot Box and whisker plot
Column Chart: Mekko Chart
Bar Graph Pie Chart
Data gateway Bubble Chart
Visualization in Power BI Bullet Graph
Datasets in Power BI TreeMap
Dashboards Area graph
Stacked Bar Graph Violin Chart
Grouped Bar Chart Heat Map
Area Chart Dendo gram
Dual Axis Chart: Funnel Chart
Line Graph
Scatter Plot Matrix


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To provide students the time they require to learn about Power BI, we offer Power BI homework assistance. Contact us right away if you want us to help you with your Power BI papers so you can concentrate more on your studies.