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Proctored Exam Help

Proctored exams are timed exams that you take while proctoring software monitors the desktop, webcam video, and audio on your computer. The data collected by the proctoring software is sent to a proctoring service for analysis. Your course and enrollment track may or may not require proctored exams.

  • If your course requires you to take a proctored exam:
  • The edX mobile app cannot be used to take proctored exams.
  • When you take the proctored exam, you must install the proctoring software on your computer.
  • You must verify your identity at the start of the proctored exam by taking a webcam photo of your face, your photo ID, and anything else the software requires to verify the exam environment.
  • You must follow edX's proctoring rules and requirements while taking the exam. If the rules for your course exam differ, instructions will be posted in your course.
  • The proctoring software monitors your computer, including any software that is running, while you take the exam and streams the exam data to the proctoring software via the cloud. Your webcam's video and audio are also recorded by the software.
  • The proctoring service reviews the exam session after you finish it. You should receive results within 5 days of submitting the exam; however, reviews may take longer if the volume is higher than usual or if your exam is marked for review by the course team.
  • You must pass the exam and receive a Satisfactory result for the proctoring review to be eligible for course credit (where applicable).

Proctoring Software

Proctoring services on edX are provided by either Proctortrack or Software Secure, two third-party vendors. Please carefully read your course materials to determine which proctoring software is being used. For all proctored exams, each course can only use one piece of proctoring software. Please contact your course administrators or edX Support if you need assistance locating proctoring software.

System Requirements for Computers

  • You must have a functional webcam and 1GB of free space on your machine.
  • View the Software Secure proctoring software's detailed System Requirements.
  • View the Proctortrack proctoring software's detailed System Requirements.

What Is Online Proctoring?

If this is your first time taking an online proctored exam, it's important to understand what it entails. To monitor test takers during an online exam, either technology or a live person is used. Online proctoring contributes to test integrity and an equitable testing environment for all students

Understand The Various Types Of Proctoring

You may believe that your instructor is the only one who needs to understand the differences between the proctoring solutions we provide, but we recommend that students review them as well so that you understand exactly how your exam will run. The Statistics Assignment Help offers automated and live proctoring services. Our automated proctored solutions use technology to monitor your exam, while our live solutions involve proctors guiding students through the exam process. Our proctors are college-educated and have extensive technical support experience, so if any technical issues arise during the exam, the proctor will be able to assist you with them, as well as any other questions or concerns.

Whatever mode of communication is used, all students will have access to our support team, which is available 24/7/365 via chat, phone, and email.

  • Exam instructions should be reviewed ahead of time.

Avoid reviewing exam instructions right before the exam! Always read them ahead of time so that you are well-prepared and can plan your schedule and testing environment around your exam.

It's useful to know the answers to questions like:

  • Is the exam scheduled for a specific date or time?
  • Is the exam allotted a certain amount of time?
  • Is the exam open-note or open-book?
  • Does my test sponsor have any specific rules for the exam?

Exam rules should be reviewed ahead of time to better prepare you for success on exam day.

  • Create your profile ahead of time.

Make sure you create your profile well ahead of your exam. If you wait too long to make one, you may feel rushed or not have the necessary information. When using The Statistics Assignment Help, we recommend that you create your profile at least one day before your exam.

  • Prepare the necessary identification.

Before beginning their test, all users must present a valid photo identification (ID), so have your ID ready. A government or institution-issued photo ID is required. Here we explain our ID requirements. If you don't have an ID, get one before your exam.

  • Check that your hardware and software meet the specifications.

Don't miss your exam or have to reschedule it. Every online exam with The Statistics Assignment Help requires a minimal set of system requirements. In addition to ensuring that your device meets our specifications, ensure that you are in an area with a proper internet connection with at least 2Mbps upload and download speed. Check out our resources for discounted or free hardware and internet service if you need help.

  • Make your testing environment ready.

If you're taking a live proctored exam, make sure your testing area is free of food, drinks, secondary monitors, printers, and phones. You should only have items on your desk that are permitted by the exam instructions. Check that you will be testing alone in a quiet room, and that you will not be interrupted during the exam. Turn off all notifications on your phone, email, and messaging apps. Check your exam rules to see if you are permitted to leave the room to eat, drink, or use the restroom during an exam, so you can do so before the exam begins.

  • Request accommodations as soon as possible.

If necessary, contact your test sponsor ahead of time to request exam accommodations. The Statistics Assignment Help makes it simple to add special accommodations, and all of our proctors are trained on how to use each tool to meet a student's specific needs. Our automated solutions include our accommodation workflow, and our software is compatible with a variety of assistive technologies.

  • Before your exam, communicate any questions or concerns you have.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything exam-related, please contact The Statistics Assignment Help's support team or the administrator of your exam. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat, and email. You might also find answers to your questions on our Test-taker FAQs page.

You will have a more enjoyable test-taking experience if you prepare for your online proctored exam. Remember, if you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact The Statistics Assignment Help's support team.

Can I Pay Someone To Proctor My Online Exam?

The problem of selecting professional proctoring exam service providers can be difficult for students. Many online proctoring exam takers are available in the market, and you can hire their services at a low cost. However, you require not only affordable but also high-quality services. At this point, The Statistics Assignment Help stands out among thousands of others.

I'm Going To Pay Someone To Take My Online Proctor U Exam

We can proctor your exam on The Statistics Assignment Help, lockdown browser, or any other platform. With its efficient staff and technical team, The Statistics Assignment Help has made things easier for you by taking care of your online proctoring services and exams. You no longer need to exert physical effort or worry about taking the exam. Because of the digital age, our team can now take exams online and on your behalf. You are a student looking for the answer to the question 'Pay someone to take my online proctoring exam.' If you have a proctored class and final exam, it means that passing the course will be difficult. If you are concerned about how you will pass it, The Statistics Assignment Help is the best solution to your problem. We have years of experience ensuring that our clients pass their ProctorU test or exam with relative ease and high marks.


Q. What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Proctored Exam Helper Online?

Statistics is a difficult subject to master, and many students struggle to answer exam questions. This is why they think "I should pay someone to take my statistics exam". The following are some of the advantages of hiring an exam helper: You will learn the proper approach to solving complex problems. We go over the reading material and previous work to ensure that there are no instructions or concepts missing when you take your online statistics exam.


Q. What Are Some Other Areas Where You Can Use Our Online Class Assistance?

You can come to us for assistance with math class. We can take algebra class for you and make sure you get high grades on your assignments. When our online class helpers are engaged in your classes, they never miss a submission. As a result, you have a better chance of beating the top scorers in your classes. Here are some of the services we provide where we cover all courses for you.

  • We assist with Webwork class homework.
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  • We cover subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, higher mathematics, statistics, and other college courses through our take my online class for me service in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Q. Why Should You Go With Us?

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