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What is SPSS? What Are The Popular Statistical Assignments Solved Using SPSS?

The full form of SPSS is the Statistical package for social sciences and this is the tool that was developed by IBM and was launched way back in 1968. This is widely used for doing statistical analysis of the information. There are many features that are loaded in this SPSS which help you to carry out NPS surveys, online surveys and employee satisfaction surveys. When the researchers want to do extensive analysis of the data, many of them consider using SPSS. It is the best-in-class solution for analyzing data. It can be used in different kinds of research for doing data analysis which are complicated especially in statistics. It is the package that was created to do analysis of social science data. The commands in this tool are available in simple English that everyone can understand and use with ease. 

SPSS is widely used by market researchers, survey companies, government organizations, education researchers, data miners and marketing companies to process and thoroughly analyze the survey data. You can gather the survey details from various sites and analyze the data using this tool. The best research agencies are using SPSS to do analysis of data and for data mining so that they get the most of the research projects. 
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Popular Statistical Assignments Solved Using SPSS

Listed below are some of the popular statistical concepts you will use in solving the assignments using SPSS statistical tool

Descriptive statistics: The descriptive statistics will explain the feature of the data that you have gathered from the conducted study by providing you with the samples of the summaries. There are other statistics such as descriptive radio statistics, cross tabulation and frequencies come under this type of method. Our experts hold a pool of experience in writing the assignments on this topic. You do not need to take the stress of completing the assignment with nearing deadline by entrusting the job of composing the paper to our professionals.

Bivariate statistics:  This is a form of quantitative statistical analysis that would determine the relationship between two different variables. The tools that are used include analysis of variance (ANOVA), means, correlation and non-parametric tests. If you are stuck in the middle of the assignment, you can hand over the incomplete task to our experts. They will complete it within the given time period and help you score well. Our statistical experts will offer SPSS assignment help on the following topics

Canonical correlation analysis: This method is used to learn about the relationship between the multivariate variables and do the measurements. If you do not have enough time to complete the assignment on this topic and finding it difficult to complete in a short time span, you can seek the help of our professionals. They are available round the clock to offer you with the best assistance. The output provided by them will always be top-notch.

Analysis of covariance: This is also known as ANCOVA that allows you to compare a variable that is in multiple groups with the account variability of different variables called as Covariate. You can take the help of our experienced SPSS project Help professionals to compose the assignment. The assignments will be written according to the given requirements by the professors. You can happily sit back and pursue your hobbies while our experts will take care of the assignments.

Chi-square tests: This test will give the association that is between the categorical variables. If you lack time or do not have knowledge on this topic, you can immediately seek the help of our statistics experts. They use their knowledge and experience to compose the assignment that is flawless and 100?curate. This assignment will definitely impress your lecturers and creates a positive impression about your in their minds.

Factor analysis: This method is to filter the data. This is easily attained by observing for the latent variables, which is a reflection of the observed variables. There are various ways to carry out this analysis. If the assignment is tough and you are feeling stressed in completing the task, you can immediately look for our Programming Assignment Help to get the assignment done.

Logistic Regression: The binomial logistic regression is also called as the logistic regression. This is used to explain the relationship that is between a dependent binary variable with the ordinal, interval or ration level independent variables. Many students who are new to the statistics world find complicated to understand this topic. However, by taking our experts help you get the assignment delivered on time and also knowledge on this topic.

Cluster Analysis: This is also known as clustering where a group of objects is put together so that the objects in the same group look more similar to each other than the objects in the other group. This topic is challenging for the students to understand and compose the assignment. However, you do not need to take the hectic stress on your head instead hire our Programming Homework Help experts to get this work done within the given deadline.


Core functions in SPSS

Four key programs that you find in SPSS for doing complicated data analysis include:

Statistics program: The statistics program offers you with the fundamental statistical functions and few of them include bivariate statistics, cross tabulation and frequencies. 

Modeler program: The modeler program will help researchers to come up with the interactive predictive models with the help of the state of the art statistical procedures. 

Text analytics to do survey programs: The survey programs will allow the admins to reveal key insights that are received as responses from the survey questions answered by the consumers. 
Visualization designer: SPSS visualization designer will let the researcher make use of the data for creating various density charts and radial box plots with the help of the survey data quickly. These are four programs that are used in SPSS and it also offers data management solutions that allow researchers to carry out case selection, create derived data and carry out file reshaping. It also provides you with the data documentation which helps the researchers to store metadata in the dictionary. This dictionary will act as the repository to store information such as origin, usage, format, relationship of this data with the other data and meaning.


SPSS Assignment Help

SPSS assignments are widely given to the statistics students. These assignments can be of dissertation, research paper or an assignment type. Our in-house SPSS experts will help you carry out various data analysis tasks. Data entry is the key part of the statistical analysis process. There are many numbers, formulas that are applied to extract required data. SPSS data explorer package can be bought from Pearson. It also has some basic mathematics courses that a student must be aware of before using the tool. This helps students to get acquainted with this software for performing various mathematical calculations. Though, entering data is a simple task, analyzing the data is cumbersome. In this case, statisticians will use tools. SPSS is one such tool used for analysis of data that is gathered from various sources for the project. Our experts can perform any task using this tool and help you secure the best grades in the exam. We have extended the instant SPSS assignment help to students across USA, UK, Australia and many more


SPSS Homework Help

SPSS homework is inclusive of homework and other coursework questions that are asked by the professor. Our tutors have extensive knowledge on using the SPSS tool. They also teach you how to use this software on the online platform. Students will get to learn the benefits of using this software in resolving various types of statistical problems with ease. Our SPSS homework help is a one-stop destination for all the students who are pursuing statistics in getting help in solving quizzes, test papers and practicals. 


SPSS Project Help

Many students do not get enough time to complete the project. However, the SPSS project adds a lot of weightage in securing A+ grade. Our SPSS project helps experts guide students in every step and help them finish the project on time. We offer the best assistance to students globally. Our experts have experience in completing SPSS projects in a flawless manner. We complete the whole project without compromising on the quality and by adhering to the university standards. This software is suitable for doing data analysis that is attained through queries or questionnaires. There are a lot of variables involved and so calculations which all are done by our experts immaculately. 


SPSS Coursework Help

Coursework is the most important part of your curriculum and this gives a great opportunity for students to learn the concepts in SPSS thoroughly and implement those in real-time. They also get the feedback from lecturers for the coursework that is done. Our experts provide end to end help on SPSS coursework. Step-by-step solutions provided by them help students to build on their academic understanding. So, submit your requirements with us now and avail the best in class SPSS coursework help.


SPSS Online Tutors

We have highly experienced SPSS tutors with over 10 to 15 years of experience in both  academics and research. Few of them hold hands-on experience working on SPSS in real-time projects. We offer an online tutoring service for students who want to get hold of this software. Students can interact with our experts through live chat options or can attend online sessions. Students can also take advantage of exam preparation and get help in completing their quizzes and tests. Our tutoring service is affordable for all. 


Additional topics for SPSS Help

Parametric Tests in SPSS

The parametric tests are the ones that are merely based on the assumptions. There are different variables extracted from the collected population data. It is assumed that the populated data is dispensed. The parameter in terms of statistics would be referred to as population. If it is not in terms of statistics it is referred to as a sample. For instance, population means a parameter whereas the sample means is a statistic. The parametric test is an assumption about various parameters pertaining to population. Various types of parametric tests that are performed in SPSS include - Student’s T testsAnova tests. These all tests will assume data to as a normal distribution.

Parametric test will have normality of distribution. It will show the distribution of the population normally. The homogeneity of variance will ensure that various groups will have the same variance. There is an independence in observations meaning that observations made on a candidate or a subject will not have an impact on another candidate or subject. It promotes randomness in that you can randomly draw information from the population. It measures the data in intervals on a scale. 

Non-parametric Tests in SPSS

The opposite to that of a parametric test is a non-parametric test which will not have any assumptions related to the population parameters. Various types of non-parametric tests that are carried out in SPSS include - chi-square, Fisher’s exact test and Mann-Whitney test. Every parametric test that you carry out will have a non-parametric parameter. For instance, the parametric data from two different groups can be run independent sample t-tests to do the comparison of their means. In case you have the non-parametric data, you can run the Mann-Whitney test. 

The non-normal distribution does not have any idea about the population distribution. You can violate the parametric condition in this type of test. The observation made on a particular candidate or subject will have a huge impact on the other candidate. The subject will not be picked randomly rather all the subjects will be considered for the study. 


Analysis of Variance in SPSS will help you to examine the differences that you observe in the mean values of variables that are dependent to that of independent variables after taking the uncontrolled independent variables into consideration. ANOVA in SPSS will be used to test the means of multiple  samples or population. It is essential for ANOVA to have a dependent variable with a metric. ANOVA in SPSS will have one or multiple variables that are independent. The independent variables that are categorized are known as factors. A specific combo of factor levels is known as treatment. The researcher who would like to do the examination of heavy, light, medium and non-users of cereals can be differentiated with the total cereal. The difference is easier to examine using the ANOVA test in SPSS. Learn all such ANOVA concepts by seeking the SPSS homework help from us.

Data Mining in SPSS

SPSS modeler is also used for data mining and can be used as a text analytics software. It is developed using predictive models to carry out analytical tasks. The visually rich interface will let you take advantage of the statistics along with data mining algorithms without having any programming knowledge. SPSS will make use of a strategic approach to establish relationships between large datasets. You can use different models to investigate relationships between the data. You can load data into the modeler, run the data through a set of manipulations and send this data to the destined location. 

Forecasting in SPSS

SPSS forecasting is the most critical part of the time series module. It has a lot of observations that are gathered with the measurement of a single variable over a period. It uses the model that helps you to predict the future events based on the events that happened in the past. 

Understand all such topics in detail from our proficient experts by availing the best SPSS assignment help from us.


Main Features of SPSS

SPSS is the powerful statistical software that is used for editing as well as analyzing different data sets. The data will be gathered from various sources such as customer databases, Google analytics, research or from the log files of different websites. The best thing about SPSS is that it has the capability to open the file in different formats and these are structured in a spreadsheet, relational database, STATA, SAS, and plain text files. 

SPSS data view

When you open the data in SPSS, it will appear like a spreadsheet like it is shown in the screenshot below


The sheet will be opened in the data view which will display the data values clearly. For instance, the record will have the male subject from 1979. The explanation about the variables with data values can be found in the other sheet.


SPSS variable view

The SPSS file has another sheet with the name variable view. The metadata related to the data will be shown. Metadata will have variables along with the data values. This is known as codebook, but in the SPSS, terminology is known as dictionary. The non-SPSS users can view the Data editor window, which looks alike to that of the window in Excel. 


Data analysis

SPSS can segregate the data and showcase the details in an organized manner on the Data Editor window. If the data has variables which have the income of respondents, the Descriptive statistics can be used to get the average income. 

When you click on Descriptive statistics and select Descriptive, a dialog box is displayed from where you can select one or multiple variables that you want to inspect. 


SPSS output window

When you click on Ok, the output viewer window is displayed in SPSS. There is a table displayed with all the variables neatly

The output viewer window will have a unique layout. When you create an output in a different format in SPSS, the data won’t change. SPSS makes use of two different windows for getting the research and data outcome based on the data that you have given. 


SPSS reporting

It shows the report with charts and tables. You can copy and paste them in the other programs. The tables will get copied in the rich text format.  


SPSS syntax editor window

The table is created by selecting the descriptive statistics from the SPSS menu. You can also run this through the syntax editor window by running the SPSS code. The key features of SPSS are that you can open data files in different formats, edit data by computing sums and meaning rows or columns. It allows you to create tables and charts. You can run inferential statistics for doing regression, factor and ANOVA analysis. 


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SPSS Assignment Help Topics
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Factor analysis test Spearman`s rank correlation test
Time series analysis test Students` t-test
Multiple Linear Regression analysis Mann-Whitney u test
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) Principal Component Analysis
Logistics Regression Design of Experiments
Statistical Inference Applied Econometrics
Biostatistics Statistical Process Control
Friedman Test Nonparametric Models
Panel Data Analysis Discriminant Function Analysis
Canonical Correlation Analysis SPSS Chart Builder
Kruskal-Wallis Test Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA)


Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To SPSS Assignment Help

  • To assist you with your SPSS assignment challenges, our professionals always choose a sequential approach. The following is a step-by-step guide:
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SPSS is an acronym for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences in its full form. It is well-known in the field of statistics and in a variety of other markets; nevertheless, it has also made a name for itself in the field of health sciences.

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