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What is SPSS?

SPSS which standard for Statistical Package for Social sciences was developed by IBM and launched in 1968. The software package is widely used for the statistical analysis of data. The package is widely used in different fields such as marketing, healthcare, educational research, market research, surveys, educational researchers, governments, marketing companies, data miners and various other companies. It helps you to do data analysis for descriptive statistics, identifying various groups and numeral outcome predictions. The software can also be used to transform data, graphing and direct marketing. It helps you manage the data smoothly. 
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Why use SPSS?

SPSS statistics are widely used by users and are straightforward. With its simple language, it allows users to understand the flow easily. The following are the programs that help researchers to do complicated data analysis:

Statistics Program
The statistics program gives you access to the fundamental statistical functionality, which will include frequencies, bivariate statistics, cross-tabulation and so on.

Modeller program
Researchers are able to build as well as validate predictive models using advanced statistical procedures. 

Text analytics to do survey program
It gives you access to a robust analysis that in turn will offer you a vision of a realistic plan.

Visualization designer
The visual designer data would be used to create different visuals such as density charts as well as radial box plots. 

Characteristics of SPSS

The best things offered by SPSS and make this package to be used by companies include:

  • Data will be gathered from the survey through Survey Gizmo and exported to SPSS to perform detailed data analysis
  • Data will be stored in the.SAV format and this data will be gathered from different surveys. The package will make the whole data manipulation, data analysis and data gathering process a breeze. 
  • SPSS also gives you quick access to different variable types. It is also easier for you to understand the variable data. SPSS will help researchers to create a model since most of the processes will be automated. 
  • Once you gather the data, then SPSS performs data analysis
  • SPSS will get valuable insights from the gathered data. Various traits of SPSS include – trend analysis, assumptions and predictive models.
  • SPSS is simple to learn and use its techniques.
  • Can access the data management system and edit tools with ease. 
  • Offer you the statistical capabilities to thoroughly analyze for an accurate outcome.
  • SPSS also lets you design, plot, report and present features to attain high clarity

Various statistical methods used in SPSS

There are different statistical methods that you can use in SPSS:

  • Data prediction can be done to identify groups, which includes different methodologies such as factor analysis and cluster analysis. 
  • Descriptive statistics will use different methodologies related to SPSS, frequencies, cross-tabulation and descriptive ratio statistics.
  • Bivariate statistics will have methodologies like analysis of variance (ANOVA), non-parametric tests, means, correlation and so on. 
  • Numerical outcome prediction can be done such as linear regression. 

SPSS has an easy interface that is simpler to navigate. Apart from analyzing the data, SPSS software can also be used to manage data. It allows users to select create the derived data and carry out file reshaping. 


Different types of SPSS

SPSS will offer two different types of views:

Variable view
The following are the elements found in the variable view:
Name – It will accept a unique ID and allow you to sort the data. For instance, you can use demographic parameters such as name, age, gender, educational qualification and other factors to sort the data. 
Label – It allows you to add special characters.
Type – It is helpful to insert different data types.
Width – It allows you to measure the character length. 
Decimal - It helps the user decide how much is required to refine digits after the decimal.
Value – User input is possible for values.
Missing - It is the data the user can skip and does not need for data analysis
Align – Helps to align from left to right or vice versa
Measure – It helps you measure the data that is entered in the tool like ordinal, cardinal and nominal

Data view
The data view will structure the data in rows and columns. It imports the file or adds the data manually to perform data mining and analysis.
Some of the popular topics in SPSS Programming on which our programming assignment experts work on a daily basis are listed below:

Descriptive statistics Probability Theory
Outlier analysis Mathematical statistics
Correlation Sampling
Standard Deviation Statistical survey
Statistical Graphics Chi-square test
Linear model T-test
Regression Analysis Mean square weighted deviation test
Experimental Design Average- Mean, Mode, Median


Applications of SPSS

Market research
Business needs valuable insights to make the best decisions. With tons of data, analysis become challenging. However, market researchers can use the SPSS tool to understand the data, analyze, forecast, plan and come to the conclusion. 

SPSS will allow to focus on patterns and find out the chances for success of students in the future. It uses various factors to tell students who are at risk.

Healthcare organizations will use SPSS to come up with the patient delivery program. It delivers better outcomes for patients at a reduced cost. 

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